BHH partnering with MMO4e

MMO4e and BountyHunterHaven are partnering to bring a vast amount of information, video’s and streaming regarding MMO game play.  With most of SWTOR info being put in the game itself, it is very difficult to find content to publish that others can’t just look up in game.  With that in mind, it has become more evident that reviews and websites for new MMO games.

logo5 is kicking off their streaming and video production with Sphere 3 and Black Desert.  First streams will be this Saturday at 2pm MST.

SWTOR - Knights of the Fallen Empire Screenshots

Some screenshots of your first two companions and a cool speeder as I collect info for the site..


lana dood hk-55










Knights of the Fallen Empire - SWTOR

Knights of the Fallen Empire – SWTOR

Welcome to the latest expansion for SWTOR named Knights of the Fallen Empire.  It continues the amazing story line from previous expansions, and gives you 5 new companions.  I am working on gathering the information for the companions and will have it posted shortly.

new.companionsSo far, I have leveled 4 toons to 65 and have gotten the same companions on both Empire and Republic side.

Founders Title

SWTOR Founders TitleAs a ‘thank you’ to everyone who helped make Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ one of the most successful MMO launches in history, we are rewarding early members of The Old Republic with a unique Founder’s Medal and “Founder” Title!

To receive the Founder’s Medal…

  • Purchase Star Wars: The Old Republic and redeem your official Game Product Registration Code at the Code Redemption Center.
  • Complete one of the following transactionsby March 19th, 2012 (12:01AM EST; Pacific: March 18th, 9:01PM PST; European: 4:01AM GMT, 5:01AM CET):
    • Billed at least once for an active Star Wars: The Old Republic subscription
    • Redeemed a Star Wars: The Old Republic Game Time Code
  • Once you become eligible for the title and have surpassed your 30 days of game time included with your official Game Product Registration Code, you will be notified by email.
  • Check your in-game mail for a message from “Star Wars: The Old Republic”. Your Founder’s Medal will be attached to this message.
  • Place your Founder’s Medal in your Inventory and right-click the medal to unlock your “Founder” title. (TIP: You can choose to show the Founder’s title or any other title you’ve earned in-game by opening your character sheet and selecting a title from the character name drop down. Once applied, the title will show next to your character name on your nameplate.)
  • This title is permanently bound to your account and will carry over to any character you make in the future.

    (NOTE: It may take up to 7 days for the “Founder” title to be applied).

SWTOR – PvP – Imp vs Pubs

SWTOR – PvP – Imp vs Pubs

It has been entertaining over the last week while PvPing. I decided to roll a pub last week and level it so I can kill my guild members in Ilum.  It has rang true that although the pubs on my server might not all be kids, they truly don’t know how to PvP.  While they might not know how to PvP, they do not whine and grip like the imp side of PvP.  I have joined PvP matches where we only had 1 L50 in our group and not one word.  I have also been the only non-fifty in the group and no whining.  So it comes down to what you are looking for when you are PvPing.  Do you want to just jump in a WarZone and kill and have fun, or do you want to win but listen to a bunch of whining people.

I am very competitive so I am glad I am an Imp, however, it was a really nice break to just be able to join a WZ and not listen to all the crap. I will continue to play competitively on my BH in PvP, but I will enjoy going to Ilum on my Pub and piss some Imps off.. Especially if they are in my Imp Guild. 😛


1. Pubs communicate better but have no skill (the majority)

2. Pubs have WAY more healers then Imps do, so it makes up for their lack of skill

3. Pubs adjust faster then Imps do in WarZones allowing them to keep nodes they might take

4. Imps focus on killing people more then wining the matches, Pubs don’t care about body count as much as they do about wining

5. Imps rarely have healers, so their PvP skills are often higher because they have to learn to how play against people who do

6. The look of Pubs gear is disgusting! Imps gear rocks in comparison (The smugglers L50 gear is the best and only exception)